We Sing For The World



We Sing For The World is a music organization and studio founded by Daniela Hager on the belief that music not only brings people together but that it has the power to heal. 

We Sing For The World offers high quality at home piano and voice lessons to children and adults in the New York City and Westchester areas. In addition to the lessons, we offer exciting themed workshops, mini camps and benefit concerts featuring local artists to raise awareness of important issues in our community.  
In May 2014, WSFTW established WSFTW | Costa Rica; a branch of the organization that focuses on bringing lessons and workshops FREE of charge to communities in Costa Rica. 

Deeply moved by the devastation of the 2011 caused by the earthquake and tsunami in Japan, founder Daniela Hager drew upon her musical background to aid the victims. Her vision of bringing the world together through the power of music was quickly realized by organizing a series of concerts featuring versatile and dynamic artists who shared her philanthropic vision. 
We Sing For The World  has presented numerous benefit concerts in conjunction with various non-profit organizations featuring renown singers and musicians. Since its incarnation in 2011, We Sing For The World has brought together the voices of Broadway, pop, and opera while working with such charities as AmeriCares, Roots of Development, the Friedreich’s Ataxia Research Alliance and most recently the Make-A-Wish® Hudson Valley foundation. 


For more information visit www.wesingfortheworld.com 



Daniele works magic with her young students. Our daughter started voice lessons with Daniele and we heard a difference almost immediately. After less than a year, the transformation was like night and day. Daniele teaches technique, but also poise and grace, instilling a tremendous level of confidence in her students. Her students simply adore her, but most importantly, she takes kids and transforms them into young artists. If your child has an interest in singing on any stage, do yourself a favor and go see Daniele first!"

-Cecilia and Jonathan Spitz


"My 8 year old daughter has been learning voice and piano from Daniele for almost four years. Daniele's incredible talent and knowledge, combined with her passion for teaching music and natural love of children, has truly changed my daughter's life. Ava has the understanding of some of the most beautiful music in the world (beyond the radio) that Daniele has introduced her to. My daughter is confident performing in front of an audience. And my daughter has become melodic which is assisting her ballet technique. All of these incredible gifts that Daniele has given my daughter has boosted Ava's confidence, creativity and respect for the arts. Daniele is truly an incredible teacher and inspirtaion for students"- Nicolette Flosse


"It is a pleasure to offer a testimonial for Daniele Hager. She is a wonderful teacher, and lessons with her are a highlight in my week. Daniele is sensitive to the needs of shy singers, such as myself, and quickly builds a foundation of trust, encouragement, and support. She is skillful in presenting new concepts and techniques in creative and fun ways. She shows a deep understanding of the voice as well as song interpretation. Daniele has opened my world to classical songs in other languages, musical theater, as well as to the work of many current artists. I am grateful to Daniele for enriching my life so much. Daniele's exquisite voice, her dedication to her students and to her foundation, We Sing For The World, are an inspiration for all." -Meryl Bovard


"Daniele was my vocal teacher for three years. She has helped me grow tremendously in not only my singing ability but also in my confidence level. I have learned many singing tecnhiques from Daniele who maks her lesson very comprenhensive. One great aspect of working with Daniele is that she has an excellent sense for selecting material that I enjoy singing. She also allows me to choose many of my own songs to work on with her. Daniele is fun, talented, kind, and most of all supportive. Overall, Daniele has been an amazing teacher, friend and mentor!" -Lauren Fay


"Our children are always delighted to see Daniele and practice piano and singing with her. She is warm and supportive while encouraging them to do their best." -Michele