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Daniele  Hager

Daniele can be seen as Amalia Balash at Elmwood Playhouse starting on 11/9.

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Daniele Hager singing "Always Better"

From the musical production of 

"The Bridges of Madison County"

What the critics say...

“Hager's bright and flexible soprano brought a delightful freshness to the long-suffering Francesca. Her eyes and facial expressions deftly conveyed a delicate combination of pride, melancholy, and disappointment.

Francesca's big number "Almost Real," chronicles the life she imagined as a girl, providing deep insight into her lonely plight, and Ms. Hager delivered an exquisitely nuanced performance of the number, exposing Francesca's repressed sensuality, as well as her despondence and desolation with gentle pathos”- Peter Danish, Broadway World


"Should the Disney Company ever remake Pinocchio, “Jiminy Cricket” can be relegated to a non-speaking role. Instead of the gentle crooning of a 1930s vaudeville and radio performer in “When You Wish Upon a Star,” Disney might want to consider the sweet warbling of the soprano Daniele Hager, perhaps as Pinocchio’s little sister. Hager’s voice, which is full and resonant, was especially effective in the Frank Loesser selections."
- Jerry Osterberg Cabaret Scenes
"... the oft-forgotten next-to youngest mopes and lopes around in puddles of self-pity, lucky if her own family members can even remember her name. You won't forget the actress's name if you're as impressed as I was with the puppy dog eyes, droopy gait, and-surprise--- rich singing voice of Daniele Hager."
-Rob Lester
"Daniele Hager is very funny as the perpetually ignored daughter Magda..."
-Frank Scheck The New York Post
"... though the brightest standout is Daniele Hager, a gifted young opera singer, playing the surprisingly crucial role of the middle-child Magda who's constantly forgotten by everyone." -Matthew Murray
"There's sweet Magda (Daniele Hager, the vocal standout) who everyone forgets about..."
-Pataphysical Science